Wellbeing & Community

From the bright, airy offices to the landscaped boulevards, Wellington Place has been designed with people in mind.

We’ve created a healthy space to work in the heart of the city – and as you’ll soon discover, there’s a great reason behind everything we do.

Green space has been proven to reduce brain fatigue, so we’ve added a park, a fruit tree orchard and urban gardens. Exercise is important too. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression, which is why we have on-site exercise classes and a lunchtime running group. And let’s not forget the social factor. You’ll find cafes, bars and restaurants on your doorstep to help your team find the right work-life balance.

By designing Wellington Place around the people who work here, we can help to improve productivity, reduce sick leave, and increase employee attraction and retention.

And it doesn’t end there. We are always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact and enrich the local community in which we reside – from embracing zero carbon technology to educational partnerships focused on engagement and social mobility.

Inspiring the Next Generation

MEPC has formed a partnership with social enterprise the Ahead Partnership to inspire the next generation in Leeds. Alongside businesses based at Wellington Place they’re taking part in a number of engagement activities which aim to focus on careers, life skills and improve on social mobility for students attending inner city schools in the area.

The main purpose of the programme is to build confidence and demonstrate to young people the variety of business sectors and industries operating in the city, outside of the traditional norm. By working with businesses located at Wellington Place, such as Netpremacy, Mazars, Shulmans, Investec, Willis Towers Watson, Equifax, The Crowne Plaza, Wates and Sainsbury’s, the programme aims to teach life skills and engage and inspire students about their future careers.

Wellington Place is more than just a place to work – it’s a community

  • Join us for street food, markets, summer BBQs and more
  • Cycle to your next meeting or ride along the canal with free bike hire and storage
  • Grab a coffee, eat lunch in the sun or meet for food and drinks after work
  • Join in with weekly clubs and groups – perfect for meeting the neighbours
  • Grow, pick and eat fresh food from our urban gardens and orchard
  • Meet neighbouring businesses with regular networking opportunities
  • Join a working group and meet with work neighbours to share ideas and best practice on inclusivity and diversity related topics.