Meaningful Placemaking

Wellington Place is one of the most successful developments in Leeds city centre, but it’s not just about the bricks and mortar…

Meaningful placemaking is central to Wellington Place with a focus on personality, community and inspiring open spaces, in a well-managed environment with onsite facilities and events which promote wellbeing and culture.

The entire development is designed around some of the widest pedestrian boulevards in Leeds to maximise natural light flows to the buildings and focusing on the new Tower Square that is anchored by the Victorian railway lifting tower, a link to the industrial heritage of the city.

True to this philosophy, MEPC arrange and manage a year-round programme of events and activities which aim to get people active, to participate in the arts, to reduce their carbon footprint but mainly to bring people together, making new friendships and business connections.

Wellington Place total wellbeing benefits of around *£1.7m per annum enabled by the programme of events and activities.

*Taken from the 2019 independent study and report by Hatch Regeneris