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Driving industry for generations…

Although Wellington Place is a vibrant, modern development, the site it stands on had a vital role to play in Leeds’ industrial heritage. It was once home to Leeds Central Station, the city’s main railway goods yard. The station opened on 18th September 1848, replacing the LNW terminus on Wellington Street. It carried passengers and goods to every corner of the country before finally closing on 1st May 1967 – but while the station may be gone, it’s certainly not forgotten.

We have reached the halfway point in the development of the masterplan. The video below looks back on our progress to date, from the site of the old Leeds Central Station to the now thriving neighbourhood. Complete with a public square and great community spirit, we are proud of how far we have come and look forward to the future of the development.

Watch the story so far:

The wagon lifting hoist sits at the heart of Wellington Place. It’s the last remaining building from Central Station and was once used to move trucks from the lower levels of the Great Northern Goods Station to the higher level passenger line on the viaduct arches. It’s now the focal point of our landmark park, Tower Square.

Just as Central Station was before us, Wellington Place is a bustling hub of activity, that’s not only supporting industry in Leeds, but also helping to drive the city’s economy forward.

The Victorian wagon lifting tower has undergone a comprehensive, privately funded £1.5m restoration programme. This included repairing and repointing the existing building fabric; making the structure watertight; a new green roof and landscaping; new windows and doors, and the introduction of internal and external lighting.

Located on the ground floor a new mini museum celebrates Leeds’s rich industrial heritage. It will exhibit artefacts spanning the station’s more than century long history, including photography and specially created films capturing the memories of those who once used or worked at the station.

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