Wellington Place Beehives

At Wellington Place we are supporting the sustainability of honeybees in the city centre with our on-site beehive.

Since 2008 we have housed a colony of bees on site and annually run beekeeping lessons for our customers, giving people the chance to get up close and personal with these fascinating insects.

Why Are Bees So Important?

In total there are 100 species of bees in the world, with only 9 species of honeybee. Sadly many of these species are at risk, largely due to global warming as most bees are not designed to maintain extreme temperature changes. The Wellington Place honeybees are Apis Mellifera bees which are the most common type of bee on the planet.

Protecting bees is extremely important because not only are they vital for our survival but also the dynamic ecosystem that they are part of. It’s important to think of bees as part of a complex system where all of the plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, protista and even viruses live in an integrated ecosystem, if one part has an issue it can throw the whole system out of balance.

Increasing awareness around how important bees are to the ecosystem has contributed to a boost in the number of people taking up beekeeping, from urban beekeeping in city centres to larger residential hives.