Inspired at Wellington Place

Inspired is a transformative engagement programme within the thriving community of Wellington Place. Tailored to inspire, empower, and elevate young people, this programme is designed to teach valuable life skills and create meaningful connections between students and the diverse range of professional pathways offered at Wellington Place and its partners and occupiers.

Through a strategic collaboration between MEPC and Ahead Partnership, the initiative engages students from various age groups, ensuring a comprehensive journey of exploration and growth. Starting as early as Key Stage 2, students are exposed to an array of engaging events, workshops, and interactive experiences that raise aspirations and provide insights into different industries and careers.


The initiative focuses on schools with a higher percentage of students eligible for free school meals and those with English as an additional language.  It has been carefully designed to offer positive opportunities, maximise effective change and social mobility.

From the annual Women of the Future event that showcases the accomplishments of female professionals on International Women’s Day to the immersive Enrichment Festival, offering workplace tours, workshops, and first-hand encounters with professionals, the Inspired initiative nurtures students’ curiosity and aspirations.

In 2023, the initiative introduced a primary Ecology Series, fostering sustainability values and green skills in young minds, aligning with the future demand for environmentally focused professions.

The programme is aligned with the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance, ensuring students benefit from authentic insights into workplaces and industries. With each engagement, students enhance their communication skills, broaden their understanding of career options, and boost their self-belief.



The Inspired initiative embodies MEPC’s commitment to creating a holistic, community-centred neighbourhood. It not only enriches students’ educational journeys but also provides occupiers of Wellington Place with a unique opportunity to actively contribute to societal growth by volunteering, mentoring, and sharing their expertise.

As the initiative continues to evolve, its impact remains quantifiable and enduring. Students emerge better equipped to navigate their future careers, with improved communication skills, increased motivation, and a clearer sense of self-belief. The initiative sets a powerful example of how collaboration between businesses, educational partners, and communities can drive positive social change, shaping the path toward a more inclusive future.

You can view films from recent events here.