World Environment Day: Five Ways Wellington Place is Committed to Being a Sustainable Office Development

Ever since building began at Wellington Place back in 2007, we’ve kept sustainability at the forefront of our minds. We understand that businesses have a responsibility to protect the planet, not just their profits. That’s why we’ve designed Wellington Place to not only serve the needs of the community, but also help to safeguard the world we live in for future generations.

And we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! To mark World Environment Day on Sunday 5 June, we’re rounding up the top five things that make Wellington Place one of the most sustainable office developments in Leeds.

1. Sustainable travel

We’re proud to offer free bike hire to all Wellington Place occupiers. For those who choose to ride their own bikes to work, there’s plenty of secure cycle storage available. We also run a Cycle Buddying scheme and hold regular cycle maintenance sessions in Tower Square where you can get your bike serviced for free.

As well as being bike-friendly, we offer EV charging points, discounted travel across public transport and convenient Park and Ride options. Our dedicated travel team are always on hand to advise on the easiest (and greenest!) commute for you – why not drop them an email?  What’s more, our annual Green & Clean Travel Festival on 4 August invites local travel and transport companies to Wellington Place to showcase how we can all travel around Leeds in a more sustainable way. There are often great discounts too!


2. Open space and wildlife

Here at Wellington Place we’re blessed with an array of open spaces. Leading the line-up is Tower Square, one of the largest public spaces in Leeds city centre. The gardens are open for both occupiers and the community to enjoy, allowing you to get back to nature mere minutes from your office.

We also have bug hotels and, since 2008, our very own Wellington Place beehives! Did you know we run annual beekeeping lessons so you can get up close and personal to these remarkable insects?  Responsible for pollinating 75% of the world’s plants, bees are crucial to the health of our planet.


3. 11 & 12 Wellington Place

As only the fourth development in the UK (and the first outside London) to achieve a prestigious NABERS Design Reviewed Target Rating of Five Stars or above (trust us, that’s pretty impressive), 11 & 12 Wellington Place sets a new the standard for sustainable office design in the North.

Our newest buildings incorporate the latest in smart building technology, feature a vibrant living green wall and are crowned by 7,500 sq ft of roof-mounted solar panels. That’s enough to generate the equivalent annual electricity of over 42 homes! Due to be completed this coming Winter, the heating and cooling of these pioneering buildings will generate zero CO2 in operation thanks to an all-electric power source and fully renewable energy tariff.

11&12WP Tower

4. Recycling

We’re committed to ensuring that none of the waste generated at Wellington Place goes directly to landfill. Instead, segregated recycling bins are dotted generously around the site and everything collected from them is sent to a materials recovery facility for sorting. In the end, every single piece of our waste is either composted or recycled.

In addition, waste is moved across the site in trailers, reducing heavy vehicle movements, noise pollution and the overall carbon impact.

Five Ways Wellington Place is Committed to Being a Sustainable Office Development

5. Greener Wellington Place Working Group

Although we prioritise being a sustainable office development, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our approach.

One of our favourite ways to do this is through the Greener Wellington Place Working Group, which provides a welcoming space for you, our occupiers, to come together and share best practice. The group meets every quarter and allows us all to learn from one another on our sustainability journey. Click here to find out more about our working groups.

Tower Square

Click here to find out more about sustainability at Wellington Place.