About MEPC

MEPC has been a prominent name in UK commercial property for more than 70 years.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding experiences for our customers. The MEPC team responsible for Wellington Place goes further in four key ways…

On the ground and in touch

The fact that we know our customers by name is only possible because we are based on site and it is a genuine sign of our dedicated approach.

We’ve built our reputation on understanding our customers and consistently meeting their needs, which is why businesses stay at Wellington Place.

Long-term management

Building Wellington Place is a proud achievement, but it’s only the very beginning of a long-term responsibility.

Our commitment to our developments and our customers means that we’re continually ensuring that our standards for security, building maintenance and the quality of the public realm are upheld for the lifetime of our projects.

Environmental and social governance

Sustainability is an extremely high priority in all of MEPC’s ventures. We’ve led the way in promoting environmentally sound business principles and transport solutions on all our developments.

We offer bespoke travel planning advice to customers. As responsible property managers we constantly monitor best practice to ensure the assets are maintained to high standards and to provide all occupiers with a quality of life at work that is beneficial to them and their staff.

Our funding partners

MEPC offers a range of services across the real estate it manages and provides high-quality reporting and governance. Feedback confirms that this flexibility is highly valued and important to the relationship that MEPC has with stakeholders.

The Wellington Place project is funded by two of the largest sustainable investment funds: Federated Hermes Investment Management and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.