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Our sustainable approach

Wellington Place is designed with strong environmental credentials and sustainable benefits

Our approach is built around strong economic, environmental and social values that ensure we make constructive long-term decisions about our business and enable our customers and stakeholders to sustain their own activities, now and in the future.

Urban garden allotments

Onsite community allotments for occupiers to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Our buildings

A focus on environmental design within all our buildings.

Free cycle storage

Secured by Design, Streetpod cycle storage units available behind 1 Wellington Place.

Fruit tree orchard

12 fruit trees including varieties of pear, apple and plum for everyone to enjoy.


Providing our occupiers with a chance to get up close and learn more about the Wellington Place honey bees in association with the Yorkshire Beekeeping Society.

Free bike hire

Free bike hire is available for all occupiers in a bid to promote this convenient, cost-effective and most of all, environmentally-friendly mode of transport.

Enterprise Car Club

24/7 access to a range of PAYG, self-service cars and vans parked locally available for as little as ½ hour, a day or as long as you need.

Tree planting schemes

200 saplings planned for future use around the estate.

Bio diverse landscaping

Biodiverse landscaped areas are provided for occupiers and residents to enjoy with additional green space built into the masterplan for future development.

0% of waste directly to landfill

We work hard to ensure that 0% of waste is sent to landfill from buildings we manage by promoting and enforcing a recycling culture.

Electric car charging

Wellington Place is pleased to announce the installation of an electric car charging point.

We’re here to help…just give us a call.

T: 0113 389 9830


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