Buildings in use

MEPC is a business that constructs and then manages buildings for the long-term, so we not only act as developers but as a long-term property partner to the businesses that reside in our buildings.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has acutely emphasised the importance to businesses of having a close ongoing relationship with their landlord.  That has always been part of our DNA and is helping us to work collaboratively with our customers in these difficult times.   However, before COVID-19 one of the main reasons for working closely and pro-actively with our customers was to maximise the opportunities to occupy buildings in an environmentally responsible way and this will continue once things return to normal.

As further commitment to this approach we have introduced BREEAM In Use in addition to our own Post Occupancy Evaluation and Soft-landing procedures.  In tandem with this we are adopting Fitwel as a means for assessing how our buildings and the wider public realm and amenities respond to the wellbeing agenda.  We are also investing heavily in technology to ensure that we have ‘Smart Buildings’ that occupiers can interface with via an App which will also have a function so that the occupiers of the buildings can interface with the wider Wellington Place community and the community activities that we run.