Two-star Fitwel for 11 & 12 Wellington Place

At Wellington Place, we’re committed to creating safe and healthy office spaces, and have recently been awarded for this by industry-leading accreditation scheme, Fitwel.

11 & 12 Wellington Place have been awarded a two-star Fitwel score in recognition of the commitment we have made to designing buildings which are both good for the environment and for the health of our community.

First established in 2017, Fitwel is a roadmap for creating, constructing and occupying healthy buildings. It measures the extent to which buildings present opportunities for physical action, social value and positive wellbeing, as well as providing smoke free spaces with an abundance of natural light.

The pioneering certification rewards developers for creating buildings that put employee health, safety and productivity at the forefront of design, which is something that we have always prided ourselves on doing at Wellington Place.

The Fitwel score complements the NABERS Design Reviewed Target Rating of Five Stars or above accreditation which 11 & 12 Wellington Place also recently achieved, officially confirming them as some of the UK’s most sustainable buildings.


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