Construction & Development

During the construction and development of Wellington Place, MEPC have worked to ensure the highest standards of environmental consideration, all whilst creating a diverse and inclusive culture that supports the local community. Including the procurement of local materials and the use of a local workforce, plus an apprentice training programme which has provided life-changing opportunities to those who are out of work or homeless.


  • Waste reduction and recycling initiatives have delivered a 33% waste reduction and achieved 97% diverted from landfill
  • Carbon offsetting reaching 146 tonnes
  • 59% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Excellent environmental management with no reported environmental incidents
  • Over 30 waste minimisation initiatives, including innovative closed loop recycling schemes and reduction of single use plastics both on site and in the canteen


  • Created employment for those out of work
  • Offered extensive training to young people
  • Changed the lives of homeless people
  • Given members of the public an insight into how we build
  • Introduced more women into the construction industry
  • Helped reduce re-offending in the prison population
  • Raised thousands of pounds for charity
  • Supported a wide range of social enterprises