Tower Square opened in 2016, and has been a central hub of activity for Wellington Place ever since. Enriched with history the lifting tower dominates the square presenting a contrast of old and new, with the listed structure surrounded by modern office buildings.

Dating back to 1850, the lifting tower was one of a pair which stood either side of the old river and canal viaduct. Using steam power and large chains, its role was to hoist wagons from the higher level passenger line down to the Great Northern Goods yard at the original Leeds Central railway station.

The old station closed in May 1967. The lifting tower was made a Grade II listed building and received a Leeds Civic Trust blue plaque in July 2011, making it a specific historical point of interest in Leeds city centre. The lifting tower will continue to be a symbol of Wellington Place, being a remnant of the city’s industrial roots and playing a central role in the development.

Tower square is one of the largest public spaces in Leeds with landscaped trees and plants, picnic tables, deckchairs, free Wi-Fi and outdoor terraces from the surrounding restaurants, cafes and bars. The square is host to numerous events at Wellington Place, including street food stalls, markets, music performances, Wimbledon on the big screen, Christmas light projections and so much more!

Fun Fact – did you know that our Wellington Place logo represents the arches at the top of the lifting tower?