Using the Park & Ride to Commute to Wellington Place

Park & Ride is a cheap, convenient and stress-free way of getting into the city without the hassle of city centre congestion or the cost of parking

There are currently 3 bus-based Park & Rides in Leeds, located at Elland Road, Temple Green and Stourton. Parking at the Park & Rides is FREE, you only pay for the bus which is £4 per day*, £3.60 if you buy 5, 10 or 20 day tickets on a smartcard*, or £580 for the year* if you sign up here.

*Prices correct time of writing. Annual ticket price exclusive to Travel Plan Network (TPN) members 

The travel team here at Wellington Place think Park & Ride is a great alternative to city-centre parking, but don’t just take our word for it! We asked some of our occupiers who currently use Park & Ride to give us their opinion…


‘I use Elland Road Park & Ride because it’s convenient and close to where I live. There are a number of things I enjoy about Park & Ride – there’s ample car parking (which is free) and frequent buses to the city centre. Paying for the bus is easy too – you can pay through the mobile app,  by using a P&R smartcard or by cash on the bus. The buses are modern and have built-in WiFi and USB chargers which are free to use on the journey to and from the city centre!

It’s a great alternative to city-centre parking as there’s no added stress about finding a space. I would encourage everyone to give it a try!’ – Liten


‘I’ve been using the Park & Ride at Elland Road for around 3 years now and have found it to be very convenient and quick. The buses are really regular so there is usually no more than 10 mins to wait for another bus and then it only takes about 10 mins when you are on the bus. It’s a much nicer and less stressful way to start your day rather than having to fight your way through Leeds city-centre traffic. I’d recommend anyone to give it a go!’ – Gillian, Investec


‘I first started to use the Park & Ride in November 2017 but I had started to see adverts for this in the summer of 2017 for Temple Green and Elland Road.  I was changing jobs and although I was going to be in the city centre still, my new employer didn’t have a dedicated car park with spaces. I have now realised it is far easier to come into the city by train, bus or cycle.  I have never used public transport regularly to commute to work in my other roles, I have always had to travel quite a distance and there was a car park.  So I decided to give the Park & Ride a go and I wasn’t disappointed. 

I use the Temple Green site as it’s my closest – just one junction on the motorway from my home. The buses are very clean, and the fleet is brand new.  One thing I was surprised about was the cost – I pay £2.70 a day (that covers each way, you couldn’t drive into the centre for that and park your car for 8 – 10hrs – it would be very expensive).  The buses come every 10-15mins and the journey is quick into the centre as they use the priority bus lanes.  There are USB charging points on the bus and wifi too so I often charge my phone on the bus and listen to music or read.  My job can be quite challenging at times, so I often use the journey to relax and reflect on the day – or do something non-work related. 

The staff who manage the site are also very friendly and helpful.  There are good facilities there too e.g. toilets, baby changing etc. Oh and there’s also always space to park your car – I have never not got a space in almost 2 years!  They are expanding the area too due to demand which is excellent to see. The final reason I am a real advocate of the Park & Ride is that it helps me do my bit for the environment as I am not using my car for long periods each day and coming into the city in peak traffic times. I also enjoy the walk from Boar Lane to my office in Wellington Place.  I would recommend the Park & Ride to anyone who is thinking about using it.’ – Jane, Equifax


“I started using the Park & Ride when city centre parking charges became too high.  I must admit I was initially reluctant to start using buses, however, the reasonable cost of the Park & Ride was too much of a temptation and I decided to give it a go.  I can honestly say I haven’t looked back, the whole experience is so simple, hassle-free and cheap.  Buses are regular and take no more than 15 minutes to get into town and the staff are so friendly.  I would definitely recommend, give it a try you won’t regret it”. – Sarah, Equifax


Sound tempting? Why not give Park & Ride a go and find out for yourself how convenient it can be!

Click here to download our step by step guide for using the Park & Ride.