Walkfriendly Workplace

Wellington Place has been accredited a Walkfriendly Workplace in 2018

The accreditation follows the recent partnership between Wellington Place, CityConnect and Living Streets, with the aim to get more people involved in walking and cycling as part of their daily routine and work life.

As part of National Walking Month in May, Wellington Place hosted three guided walks around the city, to introduce people to new routes and encourage them to explore the city either on their lunch break or their commute.

CityConnect also visited building receptions to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of walking and encourage employees to commit to walking pledges for the chance to be entered into a prize draw.

Emily Ingham, Travel Consultant for Wellington Place, said: “We are delighted to be accredited as a Walk Friendly Workplace. This is in recognition of our culture of encouraging and enabling the staff here to travel by sustainable modes. The walks were very popular and received great feedback, with the aim to further improve workplace wellbeing by supporting the people of Wellington Place in being more active, and demonstrating the simple and convenient ways to travel by foot in and around the site.”

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*Photo courtesy of CityConnect, West Yorkshire Combined Authority.