Keeping Fit at Work: Fitness Opportunities at Wellington Place

Sometimes, juggling exercise with a busy work routine can feel like a workout in itself. However, your fitness doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Wellington Place makes finding the time to exercise at work easy thanks to a range of free on-site exercise classes, equipment and activities. There are options available at various points of the day, so whether you prefer to get your pulse racing before or after work (or even between meetings!), we have your fitness needs covered.

1. Break a sweat – outdoors!

If you like to team your workout with a dose of sunshine, take advantage of our free-to-use outdoor gym equipment. With a leg press, cross trainer, a dip/leg raise station and a shoulder press, you have everything you need for a full body workout.

Exercising outdoors can increase your overall levels of vitamin D, which helps to boost your immune system and encourages healthy bone growth. What’s more, this outdoor equipment is located behind 11 & 12 Wellington Place and available 24/7, making it easier than ever to fit in fitness around your working day. More details on the outdoor gym can be found here.

When: Accessible 24/7

Who: Open to all

11&12WP Fitness and excercise area

2. Zumba to the beat

Fancy something a little more fast paced? Our weekly after-work Zumba classes are sure to get your endorphins flowing! Choreographed to a soundtrack of toe-tapping, heart-thumping Latin music, this medium-to-high intensity exercise will have you moving and shaking in no time.

As well as being great for burning calories, Zumba is also an effective mood booster, making it the perfect way to end a busy day. Let loose, enjoy the present and let go of any stress. Spaces do get snapped up quickly, so register now via our What’s On page.

When: Tuesdays 5.30 – 6.30pm in Wellington Central

Who: Wellington Place occupiers only

Zumba Fitness Classes Icon

3. Relax with yoga

Start your day with a welcome dose of calm thanks to our Wednesday morning yoga classes. Yoga has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Its fitness benefits are also well-known, promoting greater flexibility, strength and co-ordination.

Run by Alex Russell from Yoga Hero, these guided classes offer an ideal chance to unwind through a combination of relaxing movement patterns, breathing techniques and mindful stretches. You can find upcoming dates and sign up to each free session via our What’s On page.

When: Wednesdays 7.45 – 8.30am in Wellington Central

Who: Wellington Place occupiers only

Yoga Fitness Mat

4. Have a ball

If you harbour a bit of a competitive streak, why not challenge your colleagues to a rousing round of table tennis or fussball? These popular games are available to all Wellington Place occupiers in the outdoor games area by 11 & 12 Wellington Place. Bats and balls can be borrowed from your company’s reception.

Sure, they may not be considered an adrenaline-fuelled exercise. However, the health benefits from moderate-intensity activities like table tennis should not be overlooked. According to the British Heart Foundation, playing table tennis can be good for your heart. It may also give your arms, core and shoulders a great workout. Pop down to the tables to flex your skills and sign up to our Parklife e-newsletter to stay up to date on future table tennis and fussball tournaments.

When: Accessible 24/7

Who: Wellington Place occupiers

Table tennis and fusball area

5. Hit the ground running

Our long-standing Wellington Pacers running club is open to all abilities, from first-time runners to regular 10k-ers. Routes change regularly, taking you through the city centre, local parks and Leeds’ lovely canal ways. It’s a great way to admire the local area while you work up a sweat.

The group is also a wonderful way to connect with other members of the Wellington Place community in a friendly environment. Regardless of your running capability, everyone is welcome to become part of the team. Group leader Richard even offers a separate guided run that can be requested for blind occupiers.

Find out more and sign up here.

When: Thursdays 12.15 – 1.15pm meeting at Wellington Central

Who: Wellington Place occupiers

Running club

6. Take a lunchtime stroll

If you love to soak up the sights and immerse yourself in the charm of Leeds, follow one of our lunchtime walking routes. These simple strolls can be picked up straight from Wellington Place and provide a brilliant opportunity to discover the city’s hidden gems. They take approximately 30-40 minutes each to complete, so it should be a doddle to fit around your work schedule. Or, why not take your meeting outside and give netwalking a try?

Studies have found a wide range of physical and mental health benefits to getting out and about on a walk. Walking regularly can help keep your muscles and bones healthy, as well as reduce stress levels and boost self-esteem Not sure where to start? Download our handy walking route guide here.

When: Accessible 24/7

Who: Open to all

Walking routes

7. Hop on your bike

Why not turn your commute to work into its own exercise? Wellington Place occupiers can rent an App-Bike for free from the bike store located behind 11 & 12 Wellington Place. As well as a greener way to travel to the office, you’re just as welcome to hop in the saddle for an impromptu lunchtime ride or to reach that meeting across the city.

Not only is cycling a fun activity that you can do at your own pace, it uses almost every muscle in the body. Impressive. It’s also said to boost brain power – the perfect accompaniment to your busy day in the office! Find out how you can rent a bike here.

To find out more about Wellington Place’s  bike facilities, watch the video below.

Bike Facilities at Wellington Place – YouTube

When: Available 24/7

Who: Wellington Place occupiers only


8. Step up your fitness

Fitness doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re looking for a more straightforward exercise option, there’s a simple solution waiting right at your feet… take the stairs!

Regular stair climbers have stronger lungs, legs and hearts. They’re also better able to maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. By taking the stairs, you could burn seven times more calories than taking the lift, with 3.4 calories on average being burnt per floor. We’re encouraging our community at Wellington Place to take a positive step with our new signage located around the buildings’ stairwells – keep your eyes peeled.

When: Accessible 24/7

Who: Open to all

Fitness can be improved by simple taking the stairs more!

9. Coming soon… a gym like no other

Finally, if you prefer to smash your fitness goals in a traditional gym setting complete with world-class equipment, expert-led classes, coaching support and more, then we have just the thing for you. Wellington Place will soon be opening the doors to a brand new gym!

Set to take over the basement in 11 & 12 Wellington Place, this state-of-the-art gym will encompass all aspects of health, wellbeing and fitness. From a range of welcoming exercise classes to nutrition profiling and personalised health plans, it’s going to be pretty special. We can’t reveal too much yet, just watch this space…

When: More details TBC

Who: Open to all 

Find out more about what’s going on at Wellington Place here.