The Benefits of Walking

Here are a few reasons to strap on your walking boots and add to your daily steps!

Our dedicated travel team highlight the amazing benefits of pledging to walk more…

Walking is one of the best ways to fit exercise into your day. The NHS recommends that we all get 150 minutes of exercise per week. This can seem daunting at first – but when you think about it – that’s just over 20 minutes of walking every day. To get the full benefit you should walk briskly, but that’s something you can work up to.

From Wellington Place, you can take a relaxing walk along the canal and spot some wildlife (kingfisher, otter, dragonfly) or pop into the city centre to complete some of your life admin. If you live or work in the city centre there are a number of simple walking routes available to take around Wellington Place, such as the waterways route, civic quarter or southbank route, ideal for a change of scenery.

You could also get off the bus a few stops early, try going on foot for the school run or hold a walking meeting with colleagues or clients, rather than sitting indoors. Check out Living Streets #Try20 tips on how to easily include walking into your daily routine.

Not only is walking a great form of transport but with just a few tweaks, you can easily fit it (or more!) into your daily routine. Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you walk more:

  • Burning calories
  • Strengthening your muscles and joints
  • Improving heart health, lowering your blood pressure and avoiding many health complaints associated with inactivity
  • Boosting your mood & clearing your mind
  • Saving money and reducing your impact on the environment if you walk more and drive less

Source: NHS

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