Employee Engagement Ideas: 6 Ways to Improve Staff Engagement

Findings show that employee engagement is more important than ever to organisations.  Research suggests that when people are more engaged, they are more productive – positively impacting business revenue, supporting lower absenteeism and creating higher staff retention.

But where do you start when it comes to increasing enthusiasm and engagement at work?

At Wellington Place, we have worked alongside organisations and their employees for over 15 years to create a place that people want to be part of, work at, and thrive.

Here are our top six employee engagement tips and ideas.

  1. Listen up…

There’s little benefit in trying to engage in ways that do not resonate with people, so create easy ways to chat. A suggestion box, surveys, or 1-2-1s can all be used to gather ideas about what people like and want to get involved with.

At Wellington Place, we regularly create opportunities for feedback so that our community can let us know what we’re doing well, where we can do better, and to hear their thoughts on what events and activities they want to see.

People that feel heard, feel more valued, and ultimately more engaged!

  1. Make getting active easy

Educational institutions across the globe, including University of Otago in New Zealand and University of Bristol, have found that exercise can increase productivity levels, including improving concentration and lowering effects of stress. But how do you fit it in between busy personal and work lives?

By introducing convenient fitness options into the workplace, you can make people’s lives a bit easier. Whether that’s hosting a lunchtime fitness class, starting a running club, or introducing Cycle to Work schemes.

At Wellington Place, we offer a host of fitness classes for all abilities from weekly Yoga, Zumba classes, to running clubs and cycling initiatives. Plus, an outdoor gym, table tennis and fussball tables and free bike hire make getting moving a bit easier. Find out more here.


  1. Support health and wellbeing

Being active is just one element of supporting employees. Here are some other ways to improve engagement through activities that promote wellbeing and support mental health.

Popular wellbeing activities at Wellington Place include expert led awareness talks around subjects like avoiding burn out and menopause. We also host fun workshops that promote mindfulness like gardening and crafts, and have held insightful sessions from Mind covering topics including how to switch off from technology to benefit your mental health.

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  1. Something for everyone

Create a variety of events and activities that are inclusive, diverse, and inspiring! Some people may like socialising with colleagues over a drink and a pub quiz, however some might prefer learning new skills, or getting crafty.

At Wellington Place we offer a variety of activities during the working week. Sing-along with the choir, learn something new at a workshop, meet new friends at the monthly book club or make an impact with our working groups. Encouraging people to take the lead is valuable too. So, get creative with your event ideas and think outside the box!


  1. Consider timing

Timing is key. With busy workdays, picking up the kids from school, taking the dog for a walk and a long list of other commitments, even if people want to come to workplace events, they often can’t!

Offering flexible options is important. Some people might enjoy a pre-work event, or some might not be able to commit to outside of work hours, so lunchtime is better. Speak with your team to find out when works for them and ensure a good mix.

Don’t forget about the day you put events on too! For example, religious and national holidays may impact attendance.

  1. Do good, feel good!

An article in the Journal of Happiness Studies revealed that people who volunteer are happier than those who do not, so consider how you coordinate some volunteering opportunities or create easy ways to support local charities and good causes to boost employee wellbeing.

Offer a set amount of volunteering days where employees can choose a cause of their choice to offer their time to, or arrange a volunteering day. There are lots of volunteering services in Leeds you can look into or direct people to, like the Volunteer Centre Leeds.

Wellington Place is passionate about supporting its local community, so we host regular events and initiatives, including charity collections for unwanted clothes, toys, and household items, to litter picks and fundraising events. There are also opportunities to be involved in our Inspired initiative  which see local students visiting Wellington Place to receive mentorship in life skills and learn about a variety of different career paths through a series of interactive workshops and activities.

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Find out what’s on at Wellington Place here.