Wellington Place Launches New Superfast Business Grade Broadband Service

MEPC Wellington Place is pleased to announced a new partnership with specialist technology company, Bridge Fibre, to launch its own high speed, reliable and robust internet access for all of its customers.

The new business grade, super-fast internet access will be delivered through MEPC Wellington Place and Bridge Fibre’s own dedicated on-site network and will provide five different internet connectivity services aimed at serving the specific demands of a diverse range of occupiers.

Dominique Simcox, Marketing Manager at Wellington Place said: “We know that businesses base themselves at Wellington Place for many reasons including its location, infrastructure and high levels of customer service from the on-site management team. Launching Wellington Place’s own dedicated internet service is the latest commitment to making it the best place for businesses to grow and succeed.

“Our partner, Bridge Fibre, is a specialist in providing internet connectivity that is designed solely for businesses. They have a lot of experience in delivering this type of service to the business park sector and as a result understand the demands and challenges of a diverse range of organisations. They also place customer service at the top of their priorities and that was a key point in our decision to work with them.”

Andrew Glover, managing director at Bridge Fibre, said: “This new ‘business grade’ service is all about providing an exceptional service for the occupiers based at MEPC Wellington Place. The networks we will install will be solely for business use and won’t have any consumer use competing for bandwidth which can have an adverse impact on reliability and speed of the internet access.

“The added benefit of installing the key infrastructure in advance is that any organisation, in particular those looking for some of the high level services available, won’t have to go through a lengthy project plan requiring their own infrastructure to be installed. It will already be there meaning they can be up and running in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

“Another valuable aspect of the new infrastructure is its resilience, created by its two way connectivity. What this essentially means is that if in the unlikely situation where one of the cables becomes faulty, the service will remain unbroken due to the second cable being in operation.”

Dominique Simcox added: “We know that internet access is fundamental to almost every business these days so this is about investing in a real alternative for businesses that currently have a slow contended ADSL service or expensive dedicated internet connection.”

For more information please contact:- David Cansick, Business Development Manager, Bridge Fibre Limited Tel: 01223 755055 | mobile: 07739 036448 | helpdesk: 01223 750151 Email David.Cansick@bridgefibre.co.uk