The Artist’s Window

We’ve partnered with Leeds Arts University to showcase the creative talents of Leeds at Wellington Place

‘The Artist’s Window’ at Wellington Place, which has been installed in the ground floor window of the newly completed 4 Wellington Place, proudly showcases the creative talent of students from the Leeds Arts University.

The competition set a brief, giving the students complete creative licence to transform the window using any medium, from paintings to photo series and even sculptures.

Four winning designs were chosen from over 30 entries and the successful artists will have their pieces on display on a rotational basis, having been selected by a panel of judges.

COMING SOON: Precious Seronga, Cultural Masks

11th January 2022 – 12th April 2022

Artist's Window Precious Seronga

Precious is currently studying a MA Fashion, Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at the London College of Fashion, having previously graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from Leeds Arts University.

Championing the theme of self-expression and motivated by rich African culture, Cultural Masks by Precious Seronga celebrates the unique and interesting qualities of the continent, which may be unknown to many. Taking inspiration from the facial masks worn throughout the pandemic, which hide our expressions and identity, Precious was empowered to showcase her Maasai tribe heritage to highlight how masks can be used as a form of self-expression and pride.

Originally from the Maasai tribe in Northern Tanzania and Kenya, Precious drew creative thoughts from the beautiful hand-made beadwork the tribe create. Deciding to showcase this traditional skill, the colourful masks in the design were made by Maasai women.

Aritist Window, Precious Seronga

Midge Ryall and Maisie Baker, #StrangeBricks

7th October 2021 – 11th January 2022

Inspired by the Japanese collaborative poetry genre, Renga, #STRANGEBRICKS combines poetic fragments with photographs of the city. The pertinent piece of work captures the loss that people have experienced during the collective trauma of the pandemic.

Taking inspiration from inhabitants of Leeds and their surrounding community, the piece was built from their experiences of the city, and how these words clashed with the artist’s own experience of Leeds since the onset of the pandemic.

Through sharing via social media, the artists hope that the piece will become a digital body of work with a life of its own, encouraging others to add their own lines to the poem. They also wish for it to serve as a source of comfort and a reminder of the importance of community in times of loneliness.

Daria Kowalczyk, #YoursToExplore

8th July 2021 – 7th October 2021

Competition winning artist Daria Kowalczyk, said: “I was delighted to find out I was one of the four winners! The fact that it was my first ever big opportunity to showcase my work made me realise the amazing impact my art can have on people. I feel grateful to have all my efforts appreciated and to get such support from professionals. I consider this experience to be a huge step forwards towards developing my career in the creative industry.

“I believe it’s important for businesses like MEPC to support the creative community in Leeds, because it allows for diversity and inclusion in the Leeds art scene – it also gives young creatives like myself a chance to get their art displayed and noticed by others. Thanks to the generous support of MEPC, all the incredible work of the designers can be shared with the wider public, and that can open the door to many fruitful opportunities in the future!”

Molly Launchbury, #LiftingUpLeeds

19th April 2021- 8th July 2021

The first installation has been created by 2nd-year Visual Communication student Molly Launchbury. Her interactive piece of artwork, based on the owl (the symbol of Leeds) creates the illusion of having grown a pair of wings when standing in front of it.

Motivated by the city centre’s architectural buildings, the mural was driven by a desire to capture the beauty of Leeds’s diversity, with The Parkinson Building and Leeds Town Hall stencilled among the feathers.

Competition winning artist Molly Launchbury said: “During a pandemic there is a movement towards positive affirmations, so I wanted my artwork to be a symbol of reflection as viewers think about what has ‘lifted’ them through lockdown and any previous hard times. I hope it continues to spread positivity throughout the community.

“I was honoured to hear I was one of the four winners and it’s a privilege to have my work displayed in a public space. MEPC has given opportunities to many students and aspiring artists and it’s refreshing to see such a big company supporting the local arts sector and providing a platform to showcase their work.”

Dominique Simcox, Head of Customer Experience at MEPC, said: “There was so much talent displayed throughout all of the competition entries, and it was great to see how the brief was creatively interpreted – it certainly didn’t make picking the final winning designs easy. We loved Molly’s positive take on the pandemic and the symbolism featured throughout.

“We hope that the installations bring a smile to the faces of the Wellington Place and wider Leeds community, all whilst showcasing talented local artists.”

Stand in front of the wings, strike a pose, take a snapshot, then share it across your social channels using #LiftingUpLeeds and #TheArtistsWindowLeeds. Be sure to tag Wellington Place Leeds and @mollylaunch.designs.