Keeping your bike safe

For Bike Month our Travel Plan Coordinator, Charlotte Best, shares some useful advice for keeping your bike safe when visiting Wellington Place

If you’re cycling to Wellington Place, it’s important to always keep your bike securely locked when you’re not using it, to cut the risk of it being stolen.

The walking and cycling charity Sustrans, have shared some tips to secure your bike and stop it from being stolen:

What should you do to protect your bike?

1.    Always lock your bike

Whatever you do, lock your bike. If you’re not sure how to lock your bike, remember:

·         If you can, use two different Sold Secure locks.

·         Use locks to secure the frame and both wheels to the stand, ensuring there is little room for manoeuvre.

·         Do not just lock the wheel to the frame/stand.

More advice on locking your bike can be found here.

If you work at Wellington Place and forget your lock on your journey, you can hire a D-lock for free by calling our security office on 0113 246 8399.

cycling bike lock

2.    Secure your bike at the right place

Make sure the location in which you’re locking your bike is secure. At Wellington Place, you can store your bike at our dedicated outdoor cycle parking locations or in the basement cycle parking under the building you work in.

3.    Register your bike

You can register your bike with Immobilise or Bike Register (UK wide), these are services used by the police to match found bikes to their rightful owners.

To register, you’ll need to find your frame number. This is usually located near the handlebars, below the seat post, by the pedals, or towards the back wheel.
4.    Insure your bike

Insuring your bike gives you added protection if your bike is stolen, damaged or if you’re involved in an accident.

Your bike might already be covered by your home insurance policy, so it’s worth checking this out first. If not, you may be able to add this as an extra. Alternatively, there are bespoke bicycle insurance companies such as PedalSure, cycleGuard, Laka, and Yellow Jersey.

More advice on bike security from Cycling UK can be found online here.

Any questions? You can contact Charlotte via email at travelplanning@hydrock.com.

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Bike Month with Love to Ride – June 2021

Take part in Bike Month by registering for free at lovetoride.net. When you make a profile, be sure to add ‘Wellington Place’ as one of your groups. Everyone who takes part in Bike Month will be entered into the Love to Ride prizes draws – prizes range from t-shirts through to brand new bikes!

Love to Ride also allows you to set goals, track your riding stats, earn badges, share photos and stories and encourage others to ride! There’s also a range of information on everything from bike maintenance to planning a route.