Bike Buddy at Wellington Place

Find a Wellington Place Bike Buddy

We have lots of initiatives set up at Wellington Place to encourage people working here to cycle more, such as our free cycle hire, regular cycle maintenance days, cycle repair stand and high-quality parking and changing facilities in our buildings.

This year we are setting up Bike Buddying to encourage people to cycle to work together. This is really helpful for those who would like to start cycling but feel overwhelmed by which route to choose or are not confident yet about being out on their own.

Cycling with a buddy on the way to work can be something you do for a short time while you get your confidence, or it might be something you both want to stick with. The original idea is for experienced cyclists to ride to work with a novice for a while, but it can also be a great way to keep motivated to cycle more and give you both more confidence if you are cycling places that are not as well-lit or are quieter. Your arrangements can be as flexible as you like.

If you already cycle to work at Wellington Place, you are really important to us as you are helping promote cycling to more people and travelling to work in a sustainable and healthy way. Thank you! Why not go one step further and offer to cycle into work with someone who needs your help?

If you have moved to a new house and don’t know the best route to Wellington Place or have been wanting to try out cycling to work but need to extra push, get a bike buddy!

Find a bike buddy by posting in our Wellington Place Cyclists Facebook group. Being a bike buddy, whether a pro or novice, will give you access to cycle perks like free breakfast events and more!

To kick start our bike buddy initiative we will be organising guided cycle rides in from key areas. Stay tuned for more information by signing up to Parklife, joining the Wellington Place Cyclists Facebook group and following us on social media.