The Top Five Reasons to Grow Your Greens

Here’s why you should be adding greens to your living and working space

From snake plants to bonsai trees, cacti to English Ivy, indoor plants are the perfect room filler, adding that little bit of much needed ‘Zen’ to your office or home. But what about the fantastic health benefits growing our greens, as well as eating them, gives us?

We’ve handpicked the top five reasons to add greens to your living space…

1. They work as natural air purifiers

Cleansing the air from toxic chemicals including formaldehyde and benzene (commonly found in paint and cigarettes), plants work as some of the best natural air purifiers around.

2. They can help fight colds

Due to their effect of increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust (which is always handy!), indoor plants have been shown to reduce cold-related illnesses by over 30 percent!

3. They help you to sleep better

Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Lavender and Jasmine are just a handful of the plants found to help you get those all-important 8 hours. Helping to soothe the body and mind, these plants can help you on your way to an easier, better night’s sleep.

4. They reduce stress levels

A study from experts at the Royal Horticultural Society found ‘bringing the outdoors inside’ can help reduce stress and actually improve your mood, their study found the calming presence of plants to also increase productivity and even help hospital patients tolerate pain better.

5. Last but not least, plants help you work better too

Research from Exeter University concluded that employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers, with the presence of plants making them a whopping 15% more productive.


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