How to Clear Your Mind in the Workplace

Top tips for attaining a clearer mind in your workplace

Whilst at work it’s very easy to get consumed by everything that is going on around you. Being able to maintain a clear mind can often be difficult to achieve. However, by taking time out to focus, prioritise and think more clearly, you may find that you are able to make conquering challenging tasks a whole lot easier.

Here we share with you useful tips and advice to help you clear your mind in the workplace:

Write it down

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the different tasks that you have to do on a daily basis. We recommend taking all of the jobs that you have and writing them down. Writing things down allows you to prioritise the different jobs that you need to do and crossing off the tasks that you have done will give you a sense of achievement each time.


 Take a break

If you are finding it difficult to concentrate then take a break. Go outside, get some fresh air or simply get up from your desk and have a walk around. If you’re sat in the same position day in and day out, staring at the same screen, it can be very easy to lose focus. So if you’re getting into a mid-afternoon slump, or you feel like work is getting on top of you, take yourself away so that you can clear your mind and re-evaluate your priorities.


Go and get some exercise

It has been proven that getting exercise can have a positive impact on your mental health. So, if you can, try taking a walk or going to the gym. If you’re struggling to clear your mind at work, make the most of your lunch break and get out in the fresh air.

There are a number of simple walking routes available to take around Wellington Place on your lunch break such as the waterways route, civic quarter or southbank route. Why not join- The Wellington Pacers running club who meet every Friday lunchtime?



Stretching & meditation are age-old techniques for reducing stress and clearing your mind. Within Buddhism, meditation is practiced to reach enlightenment, whereas aside from the religious aspect, stretching has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. It has become significantly more popular in recent years, this is largely due to how accessible it now is. Applications like headspace allow users to take part in guided meditation sessions on the go.

If you work at Wellington Place keep an eye on Parklife for details of our next chair yoga session.


Eat the right food

We have all heard the phrase ‘your body is a temple’, right? Well, it might be time to start treating it like one. When it comes to keeping a clear mind it is just as important to think about what you are putting into your body as it is to think about what your surroundings are like. In order to maintain a positive mindset and therefore a clear mind, it’s important to keep your blood sugars at a steady level to avoid crashing halfway through the day.

There are plenty of healthy options from our onsite retailers for lunchtimes, including the superfood salad from Sociable Folk.

After reading these tips, we hope that you may have a better understanding of some of the best ways that can help in clearing your mind whilst at work.


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