Car Sharing – Our Travel Team’s Top Tips

Car sharing not only reduces your environmental impact but can also save you up to £1,000 per year

Here our Wellington Place travel team share their advice and top tips if you’re thinking about car sharing.

Have you been worrying about climate change and your contribution to poor air quality but feel you have to drive to work? A very easy way of reducing your impact BY HALF is to offer a lift to someone making the same or a similar journey to you, or by getting a lift from them. It doesn’t have to be every day, and car-sharing is an easy and flexible way that two or more people can make the same car journey, providing a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to your commute when it suits you.

If you would like to find out more, and see if there is someone you could car share with, have a look at wycarshare. There is no obligation and you can browse your options without having to make a profile straight away.

When you are ready to make a profile, you can give the sort of information that will help you find a good match – such as whether you want to listen to music or chat, or whether you need a bit of quiet time. With so many people travelling into Leeds to work every day, it’s likely you’ll find someone likeminded to share with, and what’s the harm in looking?

If you don’t want to jump straight in, you could meet at one of the cafes at Wellington Place first to see if you’ll get on.

Once you’ve found your match your arrangements can be flexible. You don’t have to share the journey every day to notice the benefits of reduced parking, fuel and wear & tear costs.

The message board in the wycarshare app allows you to keep your car share partner up to date with your plans, so you’ll know whether you are travelling together or separately each day. This is excellent when life throws you a curveball – like having to go into work late, leave early, or staying in the city to do something fun after work.

Whether you have a car or not, anyone can car share, as many people are happy to provide lifts for a reasonable price for fuel costs. Costs, timings and arrangements can all be discussed making sure this experience suits you, and the wycarshare app helps you work out a reasonable contribution. You can also take it in turns to use your car or ride in someone else’s. Each arrangement is unique!

Car sharing reduces traffic, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and better air quality. Excitingly, it’s also an excellent way of saving money, with the average car sharer saving around £1,000 a year!

Head to wycarshare and see how your journey to work can become cheaper and more enjoyable! If you have any questions you can email the dedicated travel team for Wellington Place: travelplanning@hydrock.com.