The Wellington Place Workplace Choir

A workplace choir for everyone to enjoy

Do you enjoy singing in the shower or crooning along in the car? Then you need to join the Wellington Place Workplace Choir! The Choir is open to all, singers and non-singers alike – even if you don’t work at Wellington Place!

Taking place every Friday, 12:30 – 13:30pm at Wellington Central, 6 Wellington Place. Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you work at Wellington Place or not!

For more information contact: hello@sochoir.co.uk

Need more convincing?

Why join?

  • Singing is fun, uplifting, social and healthy!
  • New research shows singing is good for your heart and simultaneously works both sides of the brain
  • Endorphins released from singing will leave you feeling uplifted and help reduce stress
  • Singing as part of a group can bring about a calming effect that is as beneficial to our health as yoga.

What’s different?

  • *Everyone’s welcome.  There are no scary auditions and no previous experience is necessary, all we need is you and your enthusiasm
  • It’s all about the sound of the group. There are no solos and you’ll never ever be made to sing on your own.
  • You will have fun and lots of it….we believe singing is an experience to be enjoyed. Sometimes, it will be challenging but trust us, the results will speak for themselves

Check out the FAQ for the choir here.

For more information on workplace choirs and So Choir! contact hello@sochoir.co.uk or visit www.sochoir.co.uk.