The Wellington Place Community Patch

Brought to you by Wellington Place and Incredible Edible, in collaboration with Ahead Partnership


Introducing our brand-new Community Patch, bringing a little patch of homegrown goodness to our public realm space.



The patch was designed and created by Incredible Edible, a local organisation that seeks to create kinder, more confident and better connected communities by improving access to homegrown foods via public edible plant beds. Our Community Patch will join a city-wide network of plant beds across Leeds that are placed in the heart of communities to encourage curiosity and offer a free, healthy and sustainable source of food.



As well as offering the Wellington Place community the chance to sample a selection of native herbs and vegetables, our Community Patch will form part of an ongoing ecology-based educational programme delivered by Leeds-based social enterprise Ahead Partnership. In early October, students from Victoria Primary Academy joined us for a plant powered session led by Chris Holmes of John O’Connor, during which the group of students and volunteers from resident business GHD learnt how to sew and grow their own veggies before putting their new founds skills into practice by planting a variety of vegetables and herbs in the new Community Patch.



The session marked the start of an ongoing project that will see the students return in the spring to check in on the progress of their veg and plant a new batch of seasonal produce. During the interim, the fantastic team at John O’Connor will maintain the beds to ensure they remain a source of food and enjoyment for all.


We look forward to seeing our Community Patch grow into a special corner of our public realm space, if you are passing by be sure to stop and check out the students’ fantastic work!