Nutrition Wellbeing Webinar

Next in our wellbeing webinar series: eating for energy

Our energy is our most invaluable resource, yet so many people are lacking energy each and every day.

In our next wellbeing webinar, taking place during Nutrition and Hydration week on 16 June 12:30pm, a wellbeing expert from Mind It will provide insight into what could be contributing to your energy drain and vitality. They will also guide you through simple changes you can make to your diet to help increase your energy levels.

You’ll also learn about the relationship between sugar and mood swings, the effects of caffeine addiction and discover handy tips to renew and recharge so you can improve your overall productivity and wellbeing.

Topics covered:

  • Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Productivity

Registration is now closed.

For more information, contact: info@wellingtonplace.co.uk