Join our Wellington Place Working Groups

Get involved, have your say, make a difference to the Wellington Place community

We have two working groups for the Wellington Place community: the Inclusivity and Diversity Working Group, and the Greener Wellington Place Working Group.

Available for any of our occupiers to join, these working groups provide a meaningful opportunity to meet your work neighbours, share ideas and promote best practice on these critical topics.

Greener Wellington Place Working Group

Sustainability matters and we want to create meaningful opportunities to champion real change. Focused on green solutions and sustainable improvements to our shared workplace, this friendly action group meets once a quarter.

As part of the meeting, you’re welcome to share ideas, raise concerns and encourage best practice on critical topics with your work neighbours. On our side, we’ll give an overview of what initiatives and events we have coming up at Wellington Place to promote a more sustainable workplace. We’d also love to hear any initiatives your business is running that we can help support.

Inclusivity and Diversity Working Group

From celebrating awareness days to inclusive language, marking religious holidays to equal representation, we’re keen to know what we can improve upon. Plus, where we can do more.

As well as hearing from you, we’ll also share which initiatives we have in the pipeline here at Wellington Place. If your business has any events or experiences to contribute to the discussion, you’re welcome to share those with the group too.

Please note there will also be an option to dial into the meeting if you are not able to attend in person. A link will be provided in the email reminder a day before the meeting – please remember to register first!

For more information, please contact: info@wellingtonplace.co.uk