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Building environmental design

Wellington Place and the estate are designed with strong environmental credentials and sustainable benefits which assist in achieving corporate social objectives, support the responsible occupation of buildings and lower overall occupation costs.

Low energy technology

Building façades will be specified to minimise solar gain. Different façade solutions will be used on different sides of the buildings to suit the solar trajectory.

The latest generation of high-efficiency cooling equipment will be installed. A fully integrated Building Management System (BMS) will work to monitor workplace environment conditions and automatically tune mechanical systems to reduce energy use.

Benefits to the occupier

MEPC’s drive is to reduce waste whenever we can, both in the materials that we will use and the energy we and our customers will consume. We also design our buildings in a way that reduces the amount of waste produced during the fitting-out process, all of which benefits the occupier considerably.

Here are some examples of the sustainable design that we have built into Wellington Place, and which will be taken forward in the design of other buildings across the site. These are not new technologies to us, but principles we have already built into our buildings on our other estates, which are received very positively by our customers who occupy them.


An intelligent lighting system fully coordinated with the building’s façade and other elements of the building, something that is commonly ignored by developers, will also contribute to minimising the occupier’s fit-out costs.

Flexibility to suit different uses

Changing technology and changing work patterns are transforming the requirements of buildings. Flexibility, both in the architecture and in the engineering systems, is being built into Wellington Place to future-proof the building for change.

The masterplan is currently designed to provide regular shaped, open floor plates that can support the widest variety of layouts. A raised, pressurised floor provides full accessibility for quick and simple reconfiguration of cabling and ventilation systems to suit the changing organisational requirements.

By providing greater floor-to-ceiling heights than normal, flexibility is also provided to easily reconfigure comfort cooling systems to suit different internal environments, whether these be lecture space, labs or a traditional open plan office. Excellent environmental conditions can be maintained for all of these.

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