Winter Health Tips from The Whitehall Clinic: How to Stay Well This Winter

We’ve reached that time of year when coughs and sneezes are regularly heard around the office. As the temperature drops, cold and flu season kicks in, however there are some simple things you can introduce into your lifestyle to reduce your chances of catching the winter lurgy.

We caught up with four experts from The Whitehall Clinic, a private medical practice based at 5 Wellington Place, to discover their top tips on how to keep healthy this winter.

Dr. Haqeel Jamil, consultant cardiologist: “Preventative measures are important”

“As a consultant cardiologist, I specialise in the management of any condition that affects the heart and the blood vessels. Cardiology is a fast-moving and dynamic field of medicine, with heart disease being a major cause of death and disease.

“In winter, we see increased rates of cardiac events, such as shortness of breath and dizziness, because of the cold weather. However, year-round preventative measures are important, like exercising regularly, as well as going for regular check-ups. My top tip for winter is to wrap up warm and take a brisk walk for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, as this can significantly lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.”

winter health tips

Dr. Paul Whitaker, consultant respiratory medicine: “Make time to get your flu jab”

“My specialism is focused on the lungs and breathing, which a lot more people are aware of following the pandemic. A lot of our work is looking after patients with chronic ill health, including those with asthma and bronchiectasis – some of the most common causes of ill health worldwide.

“If you do struggle with respiratory problems, my two most important tips are to ensure you have adequate supplies of your medication and take it regularly, and then make time to get your flu jab. Many are concerned about Covid-19 and its complications, but flu continues to make people with respiratory conditions very unwell.”

winter health tips

Dr. Aamer Khan, general practitioner: “Winter blues are common”

“I am a general practitioner at The Whitehall Clinic. We’re the first point of contact when patients are seeking help. We assess people across all areas of their wellbeing, including physically, socially and psychologically.

“Winter blues are common, and we should understand these feelings and find ways to tackle them. Spending time outdoors early in the day helps boost your mood, and a morning vitamin D supplement of 400 – 800 units can aid with general health and managing this low mood.

“Also, try to add to this some daily ‘me time’ where you focus on you, switch off the distractions from your hectic lifestyle  and reset. Whether it’s taking the time to read a book or listen to a podcast, it’s especially important to prioritise self-care in the winter months.”

winter health tips

Dr. Shafiq Khan, consultant endocrinologist: “Health is tied around what we eat”

“I am a specialist in diabetes and endocrinology. It’s a broad specialism, meaning I manage patients that have complex blood sugar related problems, as well as those with hormone disorders. Hormone disorders are a lot more common than people think, but can impact quality of life significantly, so it’s important for people to get checked out by their doctor if they’re suffering from unexplained symptoms.

“Since ancient times, health has been tied around what we eat and the findings of modern science have found this to be true. This winter, focus on getting a balanced diet – avoid refined foods, including refined carbohydrates – and exercise regularly.”

winter health tips

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