Top Trends in Office Layouts

Your office layout can affect more than you might think.

The look and feel of your workspace influences everything from employee relationships to employee productivity levels and even overall company culture.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the top office layout trends that are here to stay:

Comfortable, creative spaces

Bean bags and couches are becoming more common within the office, meaning those with laptops or who hot-desk can kick back and relax whilst working. Though this isn’t a prerequisite for comfortable working, offering a calming work environment can drive productivity and help reduce stress levels.

Fitness centre on-site

It’s important to take your employees’ health and fitness in the workplace into consideration when choosing or designing your new office space. On-site fitness centres and gyms have been proven to help alleviate tension and encourage more motivated, happy and engaged members of staff – making it one of the top trends set to stay.

Collaborative workstations

Providing collaborative workspaces for groups (usually around 4 or more) not only helps to improve employee relationships with one another but it also creates a great environment for creative ideas and conversations to flow amongst each other.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Having office plants is not only a cost-effective way of increasing productivity but they help to improve concentration and memory, as well as creating a sense of nature. With the average office worker spending around 8 hours a day in the office, a welcoming environment will be greatly appreciated by your employees.

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