People of Wellington Place: Tanja Lichtensteiger

Wellington Place is more than just bricks and mortar, it’s a thriving community powered by people. This series of interviews aims to highlight some of the people of Wellington Place, share their inspirational stories and find out why Wellington Place is much more than just a place to work…

Interview with Tanja Lichtensteiger, Engineering Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming, 2 Wellington Place

Tanja is Engineering Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming. She shares her 20 years of experience as an expert in technology working with technologists to build high performing software engineering squads.

Tell us a little bit about what you do…

“I am Engineering Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming, responsible for building and caring for high performing software engineering squads with the aim to be the best tech team in the UK. I also ensure that we deliver quality technical solutions and features that give our customers an excellent entertainment experience. I remove blockers, support our squads and mobilise people to meet any challenge.

“I coach, mentor and invest in the learning of my engineers, I love to share my experience and knowledge of the tech industry with someone who has just started in the field.

“I am also Incident Commander for our on-call teams, leading coordination to resolve problems and minimise disruption to our services.”

Tanja People of Wellington Place

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

“Career-wise, going towards 20 years of a Software Engineering career and still loving the work I do is a huge achievement for me! My interest in building technical solutions hasn’t waned, I still absolutely love solving problems. The aspect of levelling-up my engineers as both technologists and human beings has just increased. I think this is hugely important – technology goes out of date at some point, but the investment in your people lasts a lifetime.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that others at Wellington Place may not know?

“I’m very active and do a lot of physical training for my mental health. Not only does it benefit my mind, but my fitness journey has taken me to such amazing places. I achieved my Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which I’ve been doing for over eight years now! I’ve completed three Tough Mudders (running through electricity, fire and ice water, anyone?) and two Great Swims (open water swimming events at Lake Windermere and Salford Quays, Manchester). I’m extremely excited to see what is next for me on my fitness journey.”

Tanja People of Wellington Place

What is your favourite thing about working at Wellington Place and why?

“It is such an innovative and creative hub, there is a real buzz of energy from the people. There are also so many great restaurants, cafes and bars, all great venues in which to catch up with people socially – we’re never stuck to our desks!

“Wellington Place is next to the river, which is perfect for lunchtime walks, and also the train stations, which is great for me as I commute via train into Leeds (pre-Covid, of course!) It also has such easy access to the Leeds city centre and shops.”

Which community events do you take part in at Wellington Place and why?

“I can mainly be found at the tech meet-ups held around Wellington Place, it is a great venue for meeting, collaborating, sharing and starting great ideas.

“I’m also occasionally invited to other events from other businesses in Wellington Place and I really enjoy meeting our neighbours from this community hub.”

Tanja People of Wellington Place

What three words sum up Wellington Place to you?

Belonging – Wellington Place is such a great place to work, it has a real family feel and sense of belonging.

Technology – Tech is a key aspect of the work I do at Wellington Place and something that is always evolving and changing the working environment.

Energy – The complex has such a great buzz around it, you can always find someone in the green spaces catching some sun during lunch breaks.


Thanks to Tanja for taking part in the interview. 

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