Knitting, the Unexpected Stress-reliever you’ll wish you knew about Sooner

A hobby which has been proven to relieve stress and improve your mood is piquing the interest of a growing number of young professionals…it’s time to take your eyes off the screen and drop a stitch for some good old fashioned knitting fun!

This unsuspecting hobby, which dates dating back to the 11th century has recently had a resurgence due to its many wellbeing benefits. Whether it’s gloves, a blanket, or the classic scarf; knitting creates an opportunity to express your creativity, whilst taking your mind off the stress of day to day life.

What can knitting do for me?

Knitting can be used to help manage a variety of mental health issues including stress, depression and anxiety. Research conducted by Cardiff University found that of 3,500 people surveyed, a whopping 81% of said they felt noticeably happier during and immediately after the act of knitting, with 45 per cent of of those diagnosed as clinically depressed claiming that knitting made them feel genuinely happy. In-fact, the more frequently people knitted, the calmer and happier they claimed to feel.

What other wellbeing benefits does knitting have?

The process of knitting has also been linked to the benefits of meditation. Whilst calming and relaxing, the rhythmic repetition of movements can induce a form of mindfulness and in-turn, positively impacting state of mind. The rhythm of working over the same stitch repeatedly lowers your heart rate and regulates breathing, creating a feeling of inner calm and stability.

So, if you’d like to escape the office hustle and bustle for a short while or simply try something new, come along to our weekly Wellington Place Social Stitchers group, running 12pm-1pm every Monday in 3 Wellington Place.