The top four ways to encourage creativity in the workplace

How to encourage creativity in the workplace and the proven benefits

During our time at school, art and expression are woven into the national curriculum. However, unless you embark on a hugely creative career, the value of creativity can become overlooked once you enter the workplace.

Yet creativity brings a huge range of benefits, with research from Harvard Business School revealing that embracing creativity can boost productivity and innovation. It’s also necessary for growth and futureproofing your business: the World Economic Forum lists creativity as one of the top ten skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

So, what can you do to foster more creativity in your business and reap the benefits?

Facilitate open discussions

Creativity can boost innovation, which in turn makes employees feel more engaged (and therefore more productive). To harness the best of your employees’ brainwaves, consider hosting regular brainstorming sessions where no ideas are too many or “out-there”. You’ll be surprised at the gems that can come out of it! A change of location can also be great for getting the creative juices flowing, so why not grab a coffee at one of our local coffee shops?

Make space for every idea

When employees feel as though their creative ideas are valued and encouraged, they’re more likely to be genuinely engaged with the work they’re producing, which is great for morale and productivity. However, some people might not be as confident speaking in brainstorms as others, or might be worried about their suggestions being dismissed. One idea could be to introduce an anonymous box for people to put their ideas into, which can then be read out and discussed in your next brainstorm.

Join creative workshops

We know that getting away from the desk at lunchtime or after work to do something creative can encourage relaxation and have a positive impact on attendees’ working practices once they’re back in the office. Which is why we hold regular creative events like our sketchworking club and ever-changing craft workshops, covering everything from weaving to floral wreath making and pottery. We’ve got wreath-making next on the list – so make sure you sign up before spaces fill up.

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Take a walk

Getting a change of scenery during the working day can be a great way to boost productivity and creativity. Take a walk on your own and admire the nearby scenery, including the iconic Wellington Place lifting tower, or why not have your meetings on foot? If you’re stuck for a route, we’ve got handy walking route guides for the waterways route, civic quarter route or Southbank route, so you can get inspired by some of Leeds’ most famous landmarks, many of which are within easy walking distance of Wellington Place.


The Wellington Place creative workshops will be running throughout the rest of the year and into 2023. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming events.

We always want to make sure you’re getting the most out of our events. If there are any creative workshops you would particularly like to see, please email us on info@wellingtonplace.co.uk