From August to September 2019 Wellington Place occupiers completed a travel to work survey. This survey was aimed at collecting information we could use to influence and inform local transport operators such as Park & Ride, bus and rail companies, Leeds City Council, Metro and cycling organisations and more! All with the aim of improving daily commutes to and from Wellington Place.

Here are some of the highlights from the travel survey:
  • 15% of people who took the survey walk, run, cycle or skate as part of their commute to and from Wellington Place, getting their recommended 150 mins of exercise per week by simply commuting via an active mode.
  • The proportion of people surveyed driving alone to work at Wellington Place has reduced to just 21%, which is well below the Leeds City Centre average of 26%. This has been reducing each year since we started our travel surveys. Which, when averaged across the site, means 435 fewer cars on the road every day compared to 2017!

  • The reduction in driving alone has been matched by an increase in sustainable modes of travel, with an average of 52% of people surveyed travelling to work by public transport: Bus patronage has increased from 13% in 2017, 15% in 2018 to 16% in 2019. Rail patronage has increased from 26% in 2017, 31% in 2018 and 36% in 2019.
  • 18% of survey respondents were interested in a car share platform.
We have also reviewed all your comments and would like to highlight some extra detail:
  • People working at Wellington Place can access discounts on monthly bus passes (First, Arriva and Park & Ride), click here for more information.
  • Many employers at Wellington Place offer Cycle to Work schemes, allowing you to spread the cost of a bike over 12 months. This scheme is no longer capped at £1,000 meaning it’s now easier than ever to purchase an e-bike for those longer cycling commutes. Contact your HR team directly, or email the travel team at travelplanning@foreconsulting.co.uk for some assistance.
  • Free cycle parking is provided throughout Wellington Place. This will be under your building (No. 3, 5, 6,10) or in the cycle shelter behind No.1 if you work at No.1 or No.2.
  • Electric vehicle charging is also available.
Prize draw winner

A prize draw was held for those who completed the survey and a winner was picked at random from the entries – a huge congratulations to George Smeaton from Willis Towers Watson. He has won £100 in high street vouchers AND has chosen to donate the £100 to charity Mind.

Winner George Smeaton from Willis Towers Watson and Mind donation message
Winner George Smeaton from Willis Towers Watson and Mind donation message