Guest blog: Wellbeing Month at Wellington Place

As part of our annual Wellbeing Month, we invited experts from MindIt UK to Wellington Place to share with us their insights and tips on how to optimise mental and physical health in the workplace.

The following blog is brought to you by Lucile Allen-Paisant; French happiness buff and Founder and Director of MindIt UK, who make wellbeing at work easy, supporting organisations of all kinds in their health and wellbeing strategies.

We were very excited to be invited by MEPC to support the Wellington Place Wellbeing Month by providing a number of wellbeing workshops throughout November. Wellbeing is already high on the agenda for MEPC, as they currently run a number of clubs, classes and groups which contribute to the wellbeing of their customers. By providing a lunchtime knitting club every Monday, workplace choir every Friday, a book club that meets every month, as well as an on-site gym and yearly events, there’s always something exciting to be getting involved in!

So why should businesses be running these initiatives? And why should wellbeing in the workplace be a must-have, not just a nice-to-have? Here are three main reasons:


When you help your employees reduce their stress levels, you get a more motivated and engaged team. According to the Aviva UK Health and Wellbeing 2017 Study, 77% of businesses say the health and wellbeing benefits they currently offer have had a positive impact on employees and specifically, 30% of them noticed an increased productivity.


When you support your employees in getting a better work life balance, they are in better mental and physical health. Consequently, they take sickness days when they need to and don’t spend hours being physically present but not mentally (also known as ‘presenteeism’). Having employees present but not productive is in fact worse than having employees off, because most of the time employers are unable to notice and you can’t take action to get the work done. According to Vitality and Financial Times, Health at Work Study, the cost of presenteeism itself in the UK is £15 billion each year.


When you build a strong health and wellbeing strategy, you enhance your company’s reputation with applicants, employees and stakeholders. Along with a sense of purpose and a meaningful job, you will attract and keep the best talents in your field. Your team members don’t only need a pay rise to feel motivated. Following the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, many companies cover the basic needs of their employees through their pay check such as food, warmth, safety and health, however for people to give their best and thrive, they need their organisation to go up the pyramid to cover their psychological needs (belongingness, love and esteem) and self-fulfilment needs.

Overall, having a strong health and wellbeing strategy will save your organisation money. Wellbeing is a must-have in the workplace – investing in your staff has a high return on investment. Getting the best employees in your field, decreasing your turn over, having productive and happy teams…what else could you ask for? MindIt Ltd can actually help you to get all these positive outcomes in two easy steps:

  1. Through Wellbeing Audits: We study the needs of your team members (online questionnaires and one to one meetings with HR and top management), analyse them and build a set of recommendations to support you in building your health and wellbeing strategy and program.
  2. Wellbeing Workshops in three main areas:
    Physical Wellbeing: walking, cycling, working out, yoga, pilates, massage… for team members to take care of their body and enhance their physical health.
    Mental Wellbeing: mindfulness, meditation, time management, stress and anxiety management, resilience… for team members to take care of their mind and enhance their mental health.
    Social Wellbeing: playing, singing, crafting… for team members to connect with others, learn new things and enhance their overall wellbeing.

We help to prevent work-related stress and anxiety from happening in your workplace, which is why we’re holding our workshops at Wellington Place this month to help give employees the tools to prevent the effects for business cost reasons, health and happiness reasons for the workforce.

In order to do this this month, we’ve provided two main workshops to boost support of the great and healthy workplace Wellington Place already provides:

  • Time Management Workshop:
    Created to help you realise that;

1. You do have time

2. You actually can make a better use of it

3. It feels good to take the time to think about your time!

In this workshop, attendees learn how to go from Annoyed, Reactive, Stressed and Exhausted to Attentive, Calm and Effective.

  • Stress Management Workshop: We live in an incredibly busy world. Most people today think it is normal to be overstressed, anxious, depressed, worried, fatigued, irritated and addicted to sugar and caffeine. Stress that is being ignored can contribute to many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Stress isn’t avoidable but it is manageable.

This workshop provides education about the impacts of stress and how to better manage it to live a more peaceful joyous life.

There are plenty of tools to help you stay in control of your health and happiness at work, so don’t forget to take time for yourself and get involved in all the great things Wellington Place provides right on-site for you.